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More Small Employers Are Not Offering Health Care Coverage

A new survey shows small employers are abandoning employee health care insurance. What are the implications?

More Employee Whistleblower Protections On The Way?

A key Senate panel approves a bill that would extend whistleblower protections to more employees. We examine.

Are Digital Certificates Proof Of A Safe Website? Think Again

A new malware family is discovered using digital certificates to avoid detection. We explore.

Our Readers Let Us Know If Being Older Matters When Looking For A Job

We asked our readers if being older is a negative when looking for work. The answer may not surprise you, but the numbers may.

Malvertising: Our Poll Shows The Impact On Our Readers

Malvertising is snagging employers, including some of our readers. We show the results of our poll on malvertising and explain the risks malvertising creates for employers.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, Family Employers, And Background Checks

Emily Brodzinski

It is a best practice for family employers to perform background checks. However, they should comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We examine. Read more...


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Jack McCalmon

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Open-Ended Liability: When Employers Do Not Have Workers' Compensation Insurance


Lack of workers' compensation insurance leaves an employer open to sky-high damages. Leslie Zieren discusses one such case. Read more...